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The law firm by a startup for startups

ALTO AVOCATS is the law firm by a startup for startups
Alto Avocats > The law firm by a startup for startups
Alto Avocat création startup
Alto Avocat création conseils startup

LTO AVOCATS makes a major contribution to the offer made for Clients.

ALTO AVOCATS is a French law firm specialized in the legal support service for innovative companies and startups.
It is the only firm in Paris which offers to its Clients a turnkey solution in the form of annual fees that is evolving with the needs and the budget.

This solution is unique in terms of reactivity. ALTO AVOCATS interacts with Clients through a dedicated application classified by items: a primary requirement for Clients and for the law firm as well.

“ALTO AVOCATS is the law firm by a startup for a startup”.

ALTO AVOCATS made the following observation: startups have strong judicial needs within a limited period of time and cannot find an adequate answer in the current legal market.

However, the growth of companies bases their economic developments on two core factors: higher efficiency and responsiveness and limited budget before raising funds.

That is why, ALTO AVOCATS created annual fees adapted to the budgetary resources of its Clients, by investing in their future potential.



  • Scalable annual fees which allow Clients to anticipate their needs.
  • Extra reactive service which allow us communicating with Clients at any time due to innovative tools.
  • Partners’ network which provides assistance to every Client at concessional terms.


The ALTO AVOCATS’s custom package allows every startup to benefit from a certain number of legal acts and advices per month.
This offer provides them a privileged access and a high availability.

The primary goal of ALTO AVOCATS is to help the company to raise funds, after which the amount of the package may be increased by mutual agreement.


ALTO AVOCATS has an ecosystem of privileged partners working in different spheres (accounting, banking, assurance, insurance, design, communication etc.) aimed to propose to Clients an access to various service at lower rates.

ALTO AVOCATS also has particularly wide network of business angels and investment funds in France and abroad in order to maximize chances for every startup to raise funds.

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Our team

Jonas Haddad


Jonas Haddad specializes in business law and companies experiencing difficulty. He has a Master Degree at University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne in both areas and also a Master degree of Law and International Management at ESCP Europe.

Before he has returned to the legal profession, he had served in the cabinet of the Minister of Education and Youth and had supervised the communication of the consulting firm № 1 in France.


Mail: j.haddad@altoavocats.com
Twitter: @jonashaddad

Arnaud Touati


Arnaud Touati specializes in business law, contractual and corporate law. Having studies at the Universities Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris II Panthéon-Assas and Northwestern/Kellogg Business School, he worked in several Anglo-Saxon law firms before founding ALTO AVOCATS.
Passionate about new technologies, he is making numerous appearances in media related to startups.
He also gives master classes in startup incubators and business schools. 

Mail: a.touati@altoavocats.com
Twitter: @ArnaudTouati

Photo Harry Allouche


Harry Allouche specializes in French and North American business law particularly, in corporate law. He has Business Lawyer Master II Franco-British degree at University Paris-Sud XI and an LLM in the University of Montreal. He completed his studies with a Master at EDHEC. Also admitted to the Bar of Quebec, he worked in several law firms in North America and France, especially in capital risk operations. In ALTO AVOCATS he is in charge of fundraising.


Mail: h.allouche@altoavocats.com
Twitter: @HarryAllouche